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About RivcoTV

RivCoTV staff provides professional media services for Riverside County Departments as well as operates the county chambers for “legislative” typed board meetings, workshops and training sessions. Approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2018, the county PEG program allowed for the implementation of the public access channels. Currently, the team is providing scheduled content with AT&T on channel 99 and Frontier on channel 36. Spectrum customers can expect to access their PEG content in 2020.

RivCoTV works with departments and organizations within Riverside County to provide high-quality audio/video products such as public service announcements (PSAs), event highlights, public events, multi-camera shoots, etc. RivCoTV works with their customers to create media to be utilized in various mediums such as television broadcasting, social media platforms (live), livestreaming and websites. The team works in all phases of media production to create a polished product for the customer.